Burlesque lifedrawings



Sketcherei is a community of life drawing enthusiasts, artists with and without academic background, who can improve their skills, loosen their hand and enjoy the drawing process.

Unlike classical lifedrawing, Sketcherei's sessions are taking place in the bars, where performers are taking stage as a model. The music is playing, performer dancing and freezing for the short poses, after the pose is over the sketchers are clapping and cheering.

The session consists of 2 parts with different costumes, and each half is inspired by a certain burlesque act combined with a playlist to get you in the better mood. In the end everyone is welcome to put their drawings on the stage, cause there is a chance to win something - Performer chooses the winners.

The goal of Sketcherei is to connect artists - sketchers and performers - around the globe. The focus of every session is catching the motion and dynamic of the human body, but Sketcherei always has performance at the heart of everything.

Some impressions from the sessions

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