Original art from Berlin

Painted with watercolor and love.

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Alexandra Ru is Berlin Based artist and urbansketcher.

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Join me tomorrow at @sketcherei session at @studio8bar to draw gorgeous @lolitavavoom!
The drawings are from the last November. It’s hard to me to draw recently - too much bad thoughts in my head, that don’t want to go since the beginning of the war.
Organizing @sketcherei lifedrawings became almost my well-being activity, it keeps me busy besides work and volunteering.
I also want bring some moments of good mood and distract a bit.
So if you don’t have plans tomorrow, come by to sketch, drink and talk 💃❤️
Coming the second Sunday in row to Mauerpark- this place gives me energy and power. Do happy to see so many people enjoying the sun and street musicians! Wish every Sunday to be so shiny and bright!
The girl in the red coat, who was sitting on the stone and enjoying the drum player, left shortly before I finished the sketch, not sure if she spotted me sketching her. Since I was sketching in sunglasses 😎 
#berlin #mauerpark #urbansketchers
Sketching the goats with acrylic markers. It’s so hard to get their facial expressions, since they are moving most of the time 🐐
#berlin #ziegenhof #charlottenburg
Sketching in Mauerpark today. Berlin feels alive again!
I forgot my watercolor box and we’re experimenting with materials I found in my bag - 2 brushpens and acrylic marker. Love how this color mix matched the sunny Mauerpark vibes. #barsketcher #urbansketchers #mauerpark
Sketching lamas for the first time in my life!
How could I miss this cuties 🦙
Watching and sketching animals helps me to relax and distract me from all these thoughts. Every time I feel down, watching animals cheers me up. 
Animals do act in harmony with nature and only become violent, if their life is in danger. Or if they are hungry, what actually means the same. Why can’t human act so?
Trying to sketch tiles houses without sketching tiles 😅 #barsketcher #urbansketchers #porto
The most amazing thing that happened to me in the last month- I saw the ocean again! With a huge waves and beautiful sunset. Thanks for my dear @anastacious for accompanying me on this adventure ❤️🌊 #barsketcher #porto #ocean
Sketching the view on Ponte D.Luis bridge and the old cloister in Vila Nova de Gaia. I am so in love with the view, how I’ve never painted it before 🙈 #barsketcher #urbansketchers #porto
First outdoor painting of the year! So happy to do it in beautiful Porto sitting on the riverside of Duoro. While I was sketching I dropped my sunglasses to the river (so clumsy😬). Does that mean I will come back to Porto soon?
#barsketcher #urbansketchers #porto
Sketching white storks in Berlin zoo, you could see from the food court of @bikiniberlin.

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Super excited to draw @dunjavonk tomorrow at @zumstarkenaugust. We still have some places left, so you can still get a ticket.
Sketches from the lady burlesque lifedrawing session, @dunjavonk as a frog princess 🐸 👑
Today I went spontaneously to @zooberlin. Despite the grey weather it was fun to see all the animals and I even managed to sketch some of them. I personally find Rino portrait the best, but pandas are definitely the cutest to observe! 🦏🐼🦭
#barsketcher #animalsketch #berlin