Original art from Berlin

Painted with watercolor and love.

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Alexandra Ru is Berlin Based artist and urbansketcher.

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Super excited to host @sketcherei session in @studio8bar with amazing @chiquilovelovelove posing. Interesting fact-  @chiquilovelovelove posed for the first ever @sketcherei’s burlesque lifedrawing back in 2020. Since that every time, Chiqui is posing - she brings very cool characters and amazing shows - always a pleasure to draw her💃🎨
Here are some drawings from our last Easter special session by @barsketcher.
So if you want to join tomorrow‘s session- there are some tickets left, check the link in bio 🎟
#burlesque #sketcherei #lifedrawings
Fusion is full of art. Not only the big stages are really cool decorated, but there are also a lot of sculptures, graffitis and installations. This steel dragon actually had a little door, so you could climb in and see it from the inside. The planes wings were prolonged with steel, so they reminded of birds wings and were moving up and down according. This is my last sketch from Fusion, but there was so much more to draw. Will leave it the next time 🧡🚀
#barsketcher #urbansketchers #fusionfestival
The Fusion festival exists since 1997 and takes place at the abandoned Soviet airport space at Lärz (around 150km away to the north from Berlin). Therefore the name is written in Cyrillic- Фузион. You can find a lot of old letters in Russian on the old plane hangars - like this one. Мир is translated as peace and it is to feel here in the air, along with love and respect. Kein Mensch is illegal (no person is illegal) - is written on the plastic glasses that comes for drinks - another Motto of Fusion festival. The NGO, who’s organizing the festival donates the whole money they earn from tickets, helping to build schools and hospitals, help refugees and displaced people. Even Pfandflaschen from the festival could be donated. It’s very special energy all around here. People are nice to each other and thoughtful, volunteers working on the bars and helping to collect garbage are always nice and always wish you a good day. As if all people here try to do their best and show their best side. I read somewhere that Fusion festival tries to build vacation communism. If that how it looks like, I would agree to live in it. 
The 🚀 is a logo of the festival. A friend, who was going here regularly said, we have to kiss the rocket to come back. So did we. And hope to come back here next year💜
#barsketcher #urbansketchers #fusionfestival