Travel sketchbooks

When I’m traveling, I try to explore every city I visit through sketching on location. Of course, it takes longer time to draw something, than to take a picture of it. From the other hand, I observe things longer and from the different perspective. Sketching also helps me to find contact with the city residents. I always check up, if the local Urbansketchers community has a meeting during the time I visit, and join them.

I usually try to find more information and interesting facts in the internet about the places, I’ve been and sketched. I mentioned, that my drawings are not only precious memories for me, but are also valuable for city residents or tourists, who have been there. So I write a short story and share them in social media.

I make sketchbooks for my travels myself. Each one has it's own individuality and making a sketchbook helps me to prepare for a journey.

Frankfurt 2019

I filled this leporello sketchbook with paintings during 2 days urbansketchers warmup in Frankfurt am Main in July 2019.

Istanbul 2019

The art book I made during my last trip to Istanbul. Allmost all the sketches were made on location, I added some notes later. Turn the music on and watch the video till the end. You'll be surprised ;)

Venice 2018

My travel sketchbook from a short trip to Venice. I was taking part to Matite In Viaggio exhibition and did some paintings in this special city. Venice is very picturesque!

Amsterdam 2018

My handmade japanese folded sketchbook, that I made during my 4-days trip to Amsterdam. This time, I added some lettering. All sketches were made on location with watercolors, brushpen and fountain pen.

Liege 2018

4-meter long sketchbook I filled with sketches during an amazing meeting, organized by #uskbelgium. That was such a great experience, to meet urbansketchers all over the world and draw together with them!

Istanbul 2018

My travel sketchbook from beautiful Istanbul. I made this accordion sketchbook myself and completed with drawings during 2 days I spent in the city. All drawings were made on location, I added some notes and a map later.

Kraków 2017

The video review of my handmade japanese folded sketchbook from 2-days to Krakow I made last November. All sketches were made on locations, a loot of food, cause I was sketching mostly in cafes, was already pretty cold. I used only watercolors this time, no ink outlines.

Porto 2017

My travel diary from Porto! During 6 days I was sketching on location, in the self made accordion fold sketchbook, some notes were added later. Music track is Ryan Jones - Japanika - S.M.Style.