About Alexandra Ru

Alexandra Ru is Berlin-based artist, known as barsketcher, since she draws in the bars and clubs a lot.

Hi there

My name is Alexandra and I’m a sketchbook artist. I always have my sketchbook with me, in case I want to draw something. I live in Berlin and I usually draw on location, trying to tell little stories about places, I’ve sketched.

I draw a lot in the bars and clubs, so my instagram name is barsketcher. I try to go away from academical drawing approach and bring sketching into the daily routine. I also love to sketch in the places, where taking pictures is forbidden, that makes my drawings a single visual memories of this time.

My other passion is lifedrawings, I do organize burlesque lifedrawing sessions. I like to capture the burlesque performers especcially, check out upcoming Sketcherei's sessions!

I'm also open for commissions and collaborations. I do not paint everything, but if you have an idea, I would be happy to discuss it and do the best out of it!

I truly enjoy painting, so if you want to buy some of my art and support me, please drop me a message!

Travel sketching

When I’m traveling, I try to explore every city I visit through sketching on location. Of course, it takes longer time to draw something, than to take a picture of it. From the other hand, I observe things longer and from the different perspective. Sketching also helps me to find contact with the city residents. I always check up, if the local Urban Sketchers group has a meeting during the time I visit, and join them.